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Box Clever - innovative packaged solution for the residential market.

It’s our mission to bring you the highest quality pre-fabricated modular sections. Among our most popular products are HIU utility cupboards for multi-occupancy dwellings. They can be configured to suit the layout, service connections and spatial requirements of each project and are delivered to site ready for installation.


If you’re building or renovating a large apartment complex, talk to us about finding the right utility cupboards for your project.

Thinking inside the box

Utility cupboards come fully fitted with HIUs, comfort cooling units, underfloor heating capability with associated piping and electricals installed to plug and play.

HIU utility cupboards are designed to house all utilities and services in one contained area, so no unsightly utilities are in the main living accommodation. This ensures a premium feel in all apartment settings.

Our HIU utility cupboards are available in standardised options to suit simpler projects or can be built bespoke to any type of design requirements. Our dedicated build facility means we can make any number of cupboards to meet the most demanding of timescales.

Suitable for:

  • High end new build apartment blocks
  • Refurbished local authority tower blocks
  • Large residential developments
  • High rise developments

Features and benefits:

  • All our units are built off site to an approved design, ensuring the highest possible quality and consistency
  • Delivered ready to install – reduced time on site and no hot works
  • All utilities set out in a dedicated clean and tidy space ensuring a premium feel no matter what the project
  • Reduced project coordination across a range of suppliers – through our group portfolio, we can offer a range of heating technologies so you will have a single point of contact for all elements of the HIU utility cupboard
  • Increased flexibility – HIU utility cupboards can be built to a pre-determined set schedule and delivered at a time that suits your project
  • Our dedicated production line means we have the expertise and capability to deliver high quality HIU utility cupboards no matter the size of your projects.


Contact us to discuss our standard and bespoke options for HIU Utility Cupboards


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